"Ed Huey is one of my favorite blues men. He is true to several genres of blues, serving up great songs with finesse and yet preserving that gritty feel of true blues. I'd just as soon sit down to an evening of blues from Ed as anyone"

Dalton Roberts, columnist, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Blues is the first truly American music.  Blues influenced all American Popular music after its debut in the mid 1920's as recorded entertainment.  The Blues scale, poetic forms and passionate vocal style laid the corner stone for Ragtime, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap and Hip Hop.  Blues is arguably the most influential music of all time. 

Highly developed regional styles in the Mississippi Delta, Texas, Piedmont from the Carolinas, Hokum from the Memphis and Chicago Jug Bands, Minstrel and Medicine Show songs found their way to recording sessions and into homes across the U.S.

Ed Huey listened to KCIJ and KOKA radio in Shreveport, LA, absorbing Blues and emerging Rhythm and Blues as a youngster.  He heard workers singing in the fields across from his grandmother's house.  He witnessed baptisms in the fishing hole and baptisms in the river.  The folk boom of the 1960's made much of America aware that there was more music than top 40 radio.  Bob Dylan made it OK to play the harmonica and rock stars claimed influences from the taproot of American music.  Ed began collecting recordings, songs and performing as a solo act.  WHile teaching in Yazoo City, MS, Delta Bluesman James "Son" Thomas was a guest artist in Ed's music class and gave Ed his first slide guitar lesson.  Ed has been a student at Blues Week ( Augusta Heritage Center at Davis and Elkins College) for five summers and studied guitar, harmonica and slide guitar with John Cephas, Paul Geremia, Ernie Hawkins, Steve James, Joe Filisko, Phil Wiggins and Larry "Iceman" Eisenberg.   

Ed Huey's shows encompass blues from its earliest songs to contemporary originals.  He plays guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, mandolin and sings.  He plays in Piedmont, Delta, Texas, Hokum and prewar harmonica styles.  He is working with Allied Arts of Chattanooga, TN as a Blues educator.  Students grades K-12 are active participants in his sessions.    


Ed is teaching harmonica classes at the Folk School of Chattanooga check http://www.chattanoogafolk.com/  for more details.