"Ed Huey is one of my favorite blues men. He is true to several genres of blues, serving up great songs with finesse and yet preserving that gritty feel of true blues. I'd just as soon sit down to an evening of blues from Ed as anyone"

Dalton Roberts, columnist, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Blues Education

Blues Education with Ed Huey

Blues is the first truly American music.  The Blues scale, poetic forms, stylistic practice influenced all music that followed.  It is the tap root of Gospel, Ragtime, Jazz,  Rock and Roll, Rap and Hip-Hop.

 Most students think of comtemporary players like B.B. King and Johnny Lang.  Many are not acquainted with the music's long, diversified history, springing from work songs and spirituals of the nineteenth century. Ed Huey's interactive live performances give students a view into artistic history of the music that is part of their cultural heritage.  As a solo artist, Ed has performed at festivals and clubs from Quannah, TX to Elkins,WVA.  In 1982 he received a Lyndhurst Grant to collect field recordings of bluesmen he knew in Bentonia, MS.  He has released two CDs and is currently working with Allied Arts of Greater Chattanoga bringing Blues to students in the Hamilton County School System.  

 Lesson plans encompass music of dominant regional styles (Delta, Piedmont, Memphis Jug Bands, Texas), prewar harmonica styles (The famous Train, TN Foxchase) and Hambone.  (Please see photos)

Curricular Correlations

 Lesson plans are flexible for students K-12






(Traditional Spirituals)


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